The Galaxy S11 could use infrared beams to analyse objects

The next iteration of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy smartphone may be able to detect the chemical make-up of objects like food through infrared beams.

According to LetsGoDigital, Samsung has filed a patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for an “Electronic device comprising plurality of light sources”.

The associated parts mentioned in the document include an “infrared emitter” and a “detector detecting an electromagnetic wave”, as well as several components that indicate the make-up of a spectrometer.

A spectrometer is a sensor that uses infrared beams to ascertain the composition of objects it is pointed at.

The spectrometer optically scans an object by emitting a ray of infrared light and analysing the nature of the electromagnetic waves that are bounced back to the sensor.

This differs from the image interpreting technology present in the cameras of devices like the Google Pixel.

Chinese electronics company Changhong showcased a concept smartphone with a built-in spectrometer back in 2017.

However, if Samsung intends to add a spectrometer to its device, it would be the first commercially available smartphone with the functionality.

Slashgear predicted that if Samsung sticks to the development model it has used in previous years, we may first see the feature tested in the Galaxy A series, before it comes to the flagship Galaxy S11 or Galaxy Note 11.

Samsung patent picture 1

Samsung patent picture 2

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The Galaxy S11 could use infrared beams to analyse objects