iPhone patent uses Apple logo as a notification light

Apple has filed a patent that explains how it could use the Apple logo on its iPhones as a notification light.

The patent outlines how this modified Apple logo could be used in a variety of ways according to various needs and requirements.

“An electronic device may have a housing in which electrical components such as a display and other components are mounted. Adjustable decoration may be formed on the electronic device. The adjustable decoration may serve as trim for the housing or a component mounted on the housing, may include a logo, or may be used to form other visual elements,” said the patent.

“The adjustable decoration may have an appearance that is electrically adjustable by control circuitry in the electronic device. The control circuitry may measure sensor data using sensors, may gather user input from input-output devices, and may gather other information with input-output devices to detect events.”

“When an event is detected such as an incoming communication, a calendar reminder, user input, activation of an electrical component such as a camera, or other event, the control circuitry can adjust the appearance of the adjustable decoration.”

A new settings menu could allow iPhone users to adjust the light’s colour and effects in accordance with their specific requirements.

This is a feature that is already offered in some Android devices which make use of a dedicated notification light.

It is important to note that the filing of this patent does not necessarily mean that Apple will implement this feature in future iPhones.

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iPhone patent uses Apple logo as a notification light