Dark mode boosts battery on OLED iPhones

The dark mode feature for iOS 13 does not only help to reduce eye strain in low-light environments, but it can also improve battery life.

This is according to a test performed by PhoneBuff, which showed that the setting helps conserve power on an iPhone XS Max.

The YouTube channel used a robotic test to simulate usage on the handset with a chatbot over a seven-and-a-half hour period.

At this point, the iPhone running in Light Mode had completely drained its battery, while the same iPhone running in Dark mode still had 30% battery left.

Below is the video of the test.

The OLED advantage

The gains in battery life will likely be more notable in devices with OLED panels, as OLED displays use an LED for each individual pixel which can be switched off completely. Therefore, black pixels will not require any power.

By contrast, LCD screens still emit light when displaying a black picture due to the necessity of a backlight.

Darker themes for smartphones have seen growth in popularity, with more apps supporting the feature.

iOS is not the only operating system which boasts a dark mode – Google also rolled out a dark mode option with its Android 10 operating system.

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Dark mode boosts battery on OLED iPhones