South Africans selling ridiculous fake smartphones on Facebook

Earlier this year, MyBroadband reported on the widespread sale of fake smartphones on Facebook Marketplace.

It is relatively easy to verify the identity of buyers and sellers through the platform, allowing you to tell from the start who you are dealing with and make a better-informed judgement on whether they are trustworthy.

However, while Facebook Marketplace has undoubtedly facilitated many successful sales for second-hand traders across the country, it is not without its share of con artists.

For the most part, Marketplace product categories are populated with a few fakes or scams distributed amongst a majority of authentic sellers.

When looking for a second-hand smartphone, it can be difficult to navigate the number of fake listings.

Fake smartphones

If you are interested in purchasing a second-hand version of a new Huawei or Samsung smartphone through Facebook Marketplace, prepare to navigate a wilderness of blatantly-fake, “generic version”, and “Korean copy” smartphones.

These devices are not only constantly circulating on the platform – they are regularly updated according to the latest flagship brands.

A number may be branded as “generic” or “Korean copy” devices, but many others are simply labelled as the real thing despite obvious differences.

Fake versions of the Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Galaxy A9, and Galaxy A70 are extremely common on Marketplace, and Facebook users should be wary when attempting to purchase these devices.

The best defence would be to familiarise yourself with the designs of these modern smartphones before looking for them on Facebook Marketplace.

For example, many of the fake Galaxy S10+ devices listed have thick bottom and top bezels as well as non-curved displays.

Attempting to pass one of these fake devices off as a real Galaxy S10+ is ambitious, but it may work on someone who had never seen the actual device before.

Screenshots of some of the most ridiculous fake smartphones listed on Facebook Marketplace are shown below.

Fake Samsung Galaxy S10+

Fake Galaxy S10+

Fake Galaxy S10+ 1

Fake Huawei P30 Pro

Fake P30 Pro

P30 Pro fake 1

P30 Pro fake 2

Fake Samsung Galaxy Note 10+

Fake Galaxy Note 10+

Fake Galaxy Note 10+ 1

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South Africans selling ridiculous fake smartphones on Facebook