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16:18 – That’s it, thank you for joining.

16:17 – Now for pricing. The P40 starts at €700 and will be available from 7 April. The P40 Pro is €999 and will also be available from 7 April, while the P40 Pro+ is €1,399 and will be available from June.

16:16 – Huawei has its own sunglasses – called Huawei Eyewear. They have built-in speakers and wireless charging.

16:11 – The Huawei Watch GT 2 in new colours has been shown off, along with a Huawei Watch GT 2e, which has a more sporty design and is aimed at exercise enthusiasts. It also features a 2-week battery life.

16:10 – A new Huawei Watch GT has been announced.

16:07 – It supports Huawei Share and AI support with future software upgrades.

16:06 – It is called the Huawei Sound X. Features deep bass and 144W of peak power, and will deliver high-resolution audio.

16:06 – There’s more. Huawei has unveiled a new smart speaker.

16:05 – A nice recap video is playing, showing all the powerful features the P40 smartphones will feature. Lots of talk about the front and rear camera systems.

16:03 – The P40 presentation looks like it is wrapping up. Huawei reinforcing how powerful the P40’s camera is and the new features users will have access to.

16:02 – Huawei said all developers are welcome to join the HMS ecosystem and develop for their smartphones.

16:00 – The P40 smartphones will still run on Android, but use a Huawei app store and HSM to deliver apps and mobile services to users.

15:59 – Now onto the software. Huawei is talking about Huawei Mobile Services (HMS). Following a ban by the US government, Huawei cannot use Google Mobile Services, and the P40 smartphoens will feature HMS instead.

15:57 – Yet another new feature – Huawei Share. It lets users share files between their Huawei devices quickly and without having to compress the files. This is complemented by Huawei’s cross device photo gallery, which syncs photos across a user’s Huawei devices.

15:55 – Mee Time – another new feature from Huawei. It is a “high-quality” smartphone call app which allows voice and video calls. 1080p video calling is supported, added Huawei.

15:54 – Now Huawei is showing off a Multi-Device Control Panel. This lets users control smart home devices from their P40.

15:52 – “Hey Celia”. This is Huawei’s AI voice assistance. It will be rolled out to more countries in the future, and is supported by the P40 range.

15:50 – Low power consumption is important to Huawei. This is relevant for 5G devices, as they run high-power hardware which needs to operate as efficiently as possible to ensure users get a day’s usage between charges.

15:50 – Huawei’s P40 range will have always-on displays which feature low power consumption.

15:48 – 40W wireless “supercharging” will be available in the P40 Pro+. P40 Pro will support 27W wireless charging.

15:47 – Wi-Fi 6 with support for speeds of 2,400Mbps has been included.

15:46 – Dual-SIM slots, with an additional eSIM. This means two Nano SIM, and an eSIM, in one smartphone.

15:45 – Kirin 990 5G chip will drive the P40. It is a leading 5G SoC, with excellent power consumption, said Huawei.

15:45 – Time for the processing hardware.

15:41 – The most powerful camera system on a smartphone, reiterates. Lets users take the best photos and best videos.

15:39 – 3 all-directional microphones ensure the sounds matched the high video quality.

15:38 – Huawei has also included 4K timelapse support in the new phones.

15:37 – Video ISO of 51,200 on the top P40 devices, allows for low-light video shooting.

15:36 – The P40 range will feature face unlock support. Users can also gesture at the screen without touching it to scroll down the screen and capture screen grabs.

15:35 – 4K selfie videos are available. Great quality, adds Huawei.

15:33 – Time for the front camera. It is a dual-sensor system in the screen’s punch hole. It also includes a proximity and ambient sensor.

15:31 – Users can also remove people in the background – or “passerbys” – in your photos, along with removing reflections from images.

15:30 – Huawei’s AI system in the phones will ensure users always take the best photos. The “golden snap” system lets the best moments be captured in a photo by shooting a burst of images and selecting the best frame.

15:28 – Huawei is serious about the quality of the photos the P40 range can take. Spending a lot of time showing examples of high-quality photos and how you can zoom in close and the images do not pixelate.

15:27 – The best zoom capabilities in any smartphone, and produces the best-quality photos, said Huawei of the new smartphones.

15:26 – Up to 10x optical zoom with the Pro Pro+, along with 100x maximum zoom.

15:25 – An industry-leading long-range telephoto lens has also been installed in the P40 range. This means better telephoto abilities.

15:23 – Huawei shows the incredible photos the P40 smartphones can take. Low-light photos are also vastly improved, and outperform shots from Samsung and Apple flagships devices.

15:22 – An XD Fusion Image Engine in the P40 smartphones will ensure users can take excellent photos.

15:20 – P40 Pro and P40+ will feature “over 400,000 ISO” for excellent low-light photography.

15:18 – The P40 Pro+ will feature a “monster camera”, with four sensors, a TOF camera, and colour temperature sensor. All phones will have large vision sensors in them.

15:17 – For the P40 Pro, users will get a more advanced camera setup, which includes a 50MP ultra wide sensor.

15:16 – Huawei has installed a Ultra Vision Leica Triple Camera system in the P40.

Huawei P40_4

15:14 – Colours for the devices are Ice White, Deep Sea Blue, a classic black with matte finish, Silver Frost, and Blush Gold. The P40 Pro+ will be available in ceramic black and white.

15:13 – The P40 Pro and P40 Pro+ are both IP68 rated, and will include in-screen fingerprint sensors.

15:12 – Amazing engineering work has gone into the phones, said Huawei. The P40 has a bigger battery than competitors, but weighs less.

Huawei P40_7

15:10 – A 440 PPI resolution, with a 90Hz refresh rate, for the the P40 displays. They are OLED panels.

15:09 – The display design provides a luxurious feel and look, and makes for comfortable user swipes.

15:08 – This is a premium device with a sleek and professional device, and features a “Quad-Curve Overflow” display.

15:07 – The P40 will support 5G, and has a ceramic body which is highly scratch resistant.

15:07 – Huawei has officially unveiled the Huawei P40, P40 Pro, and P40 Pro+.

15:06 – A video showing off the P40 sleek design plays.

15:05 – Huawei’s P40 smartphone will take mobile photography to new heights.

15:03 – A promotional video shows how Huawei’s vision and mission will make 2020 a great year for consumers.

15:00 – Richard Yu Huawei Consumer CEO has kicked the event off.

Huawei Richard Yu_1

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Huawei P40 launch – Live blog