LG working on crazy T-shaped foldable smartphone – Report

LG’s conceptual images reveal a new smartphone design with a unique dual-screen system that forms a T-shape.

This is according to reports from South Korean publications Herald Corp and ETNews.

The smartphone, codenamed “Wing”, sports a standard primary display that, when the device is unfolded, sits horizontally at the top of the unfolded device.

The second display is reportedly a four-inch square shape and completes the device’s unfolded T-shape by forming the base of the ‘T.’

It is not clear what the purpose of the device’s design would be, although the design implies that it would allow users to do multitask more efficiently.

For example, users would possible be able to stream video games on the large display, while reading comments on the square screen.

Alternatively, for gaming, the square screen could be used to provide gamepad touch controls, while the large display could display the actual game.

Just a design

It is important to note that LG has not confirmed it has any plans to launch this device, nor has it given any further details.

There are no indications of the hardware that the device would have, nor is there any indication of what the pricing or availability of this smartphone would comprise.

Such a design would also bring with it unique challenges – particularly regarding software, with traditional apps not being designed to support this strange form factor.

It is therefore possible that this is just an experimental design, although it should be noted that LG has a history of launching phones with unique form factors.

For example, in 2006, LG unveiled the V9000, which used a surprisingly similar T-shaped form factor; in this scenario, the horizontal, swivelling component was the display, while the vertical component was the keypad.

Renders of the design are below.

LG Wing
Image: Herald Corp
Image: ETNews

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LG working on crazy T-shaped foldable smartphone – Report