Smartphone insurance prices in South Africa – Vodacom vs MTN

Smartphones are becoming increasingly expensive in South Africa, meaning it is worth considering smartphone insurance.

All four of South Africa’s major mobile networks offer customers the opportunity to sign up to mobile insurance when purchasing a new smartphone.

MTN, Vodacom, and Cell C offer multiple insurance options which range from comprehensive insurance to more specific cover.

Telkom offers a single insurance product which provides comprehensive cover for your mobile device.

MyBroadband compared the pricing of these insurance products by determining the premiums for the most complete insurance product for four popular smartphones.

These smartphones were the Huawei Y9 2019, the Samsung A30s, the iPhone 11 128GB, and the iPhone 11 Pro 256GB.

We then used resources provided by the mobile providers to determine the premiums that we would need to pay for each of these smartphones.

For Vodacom, we mailed its insurance department to request a quote.

Below are the prices for comprehensive insurance products from each of the mobile operators, followed by a detailed breakdown of each company’s products.

Smartphone insurance premiums
Phone MTN Vodacom Cell C Telkom
Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 R72.47 R100 R79 R83
Samsung A30s R79 R84 R79 R83
iPhone 11 128GB R322.51 R244 R259 R242
iPhone 11 Pro 256GB R458.48 R345 R339 R242


MTN offers three insurance products – Repair Only, Liquid and Accident, and All Risk.

It has a list of the smartphones it sells, and the customer must identify their smartphone from this list on the company’s insurance website.

They are then provided the pricing for each of these insurance options for the specific device.


Vodacom offers three insurance types – Comprehensive Insurance, Accidental Damage, and Specified Insured Extras, the latter of which covers accessories such as smartwatches.

Both Comprehensive and Accidental insurance prices start at R20 per month, while Specified Insurance Extras starts at R80 per month.

Vodacom explained that premiums are set in accordance with the risk profile of customers, which it said ensures customers are treated fairly.

“We use a number of variables and factors to model the expected claims, and regularly monitor the actual versus expected results. This means that our prices are both highly accurate and competitive,” said Vodacom.

Vodacom provided us with approximate pricing for the devices we requested – with the caveat that this would change in accordance with each customer’s risk profile.

Vodacom Logo

Cell C

Cell C offers various insurance products depending on the customer’s requirements.

These include All Risk Cover, Accidental Damage, Loss and Theft, and SIM Cover.

There are 11 device value bands which span R0 to R35,000, each of which has its own premiums for the different cover types.

Cell C Logo


Telkom offers a basic device insurance product that is underwritten by Mutual and Federal Risk Financing Limited.

It offers cover against theft, accidental loss, and accidental physical damage, as well as SIM card cover.

It has seven bands of device values spanning R0 to R20,000 that you can insure your device for, and each band has a monthly premium attached to it.

These bands and premiums can be found via the FAQ section of its device insurance page.

Telkom logo presentation

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Smartphone insurance prices in South Africa – Vodacom vs MTN