Big cellular signal problem with iPhone 12

iPhone users are complaining that their new iPhone 12 smartphones are dropping cellular signal unexpectedly.

On Apple’s support community forum, lots of users have been reporting the issue.

“Received my iPhone 12 Pro on Friday. Activated it on Saturday. Sunday I drove for 10 mns [minutes] and when I arrive to my destination I saw no reception bars and No Service. And in the middle of the screen in a grey box: Your iPhone is not Activated,” said one user.

According to the user, the only way to get their connection back was to toggle Airplane mode on and then off, and they were then able to replicate the issue in order to submit a report to Apple.

The user in question uses American carrier Verizon, but reports appear to be across all major US carriers – implying the issues is with the iPhone 12 rather than any individual carrier.

Based on various user reports, the issue seems to occur when users switch between cellular towers, although some users have reported losing reception when they are not moving at all.

It also does not appear to matter whether the user is on an LTE or a 5G network.

Some reports indicate that signal returns on its own after a while, but users requiring a faster workaround have been successful by restarting their smartphone, switching Airplane mode on and off, or removing and inserting their SIM card.

iPhone 12 launch date in South Africa

Vodacom recently announced that it will be opening preorders for the full range of Apple iPhone 12 smartphones on 11 December.

“Vodacom is excited to soon offer the eagerly anticipated new iPhone 12 family, including iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12, and iPhone 12 mini,” Vodacom said.

“Customers will be able to pre-order all four models of the iPhone 12 family on the 11th of December, with sales starting on the 18th of December,” Vodacom said.

It did not reveal the pricing for these smartphones.

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Big cellular signal problem with iPhone 12