Top 10 smartphones with the biggest batteries

The biggest problem many smartphone owners have is that they often run out of power, requiring them to charge their device often.

Ask most of those who owned a feature phone in the late 1990s or early 2000s what they miss most about the older devices and the answer will likely be “battery life”.

Handsets from the likes of Nokia could easily last for days on a single charge despite being used often for making calls, sending SMSs, or playing hours of Snake.

Granted, these types of use-cases paired with their colourless displays and older network technologies would be far less demanding on a battery.

Compare that to smartphones which come with far more advanced features and components, and it’s easy to understand the performance differences.

While battery life has gradually improved thanks to improved power management in software and better efficiency from components, most flagships typically still only last for a day’s use.

Mainstream smartphones with large batteries tend to max out at 5,000mAh, likely because the manufacturers have to balance capacity and compact design.

However, lesser-known brands are often less preoccupied with design and more focused on practicality, which is why they can offer thicker smartphones with more juice.

We’ve assembled a selection of smartphones you can buy in South Africa right now with battery capacities exceeding 5,000mAh.

It should be noted that pure battery size does not necessarily guarantee greater battery life.

Apple, for example, has much smaller batteries in its phones, but because of its software optimisation, these can often match the battery life of Android rivals with bigger batteries.

However, most of these smartphones will likely run for longer than current flagships, unless they are made to perform the same workloads.

Biggest smartphone batteries in South Africa

The majority of the smartphones we identified fell into the rugged category, which meant that they didn’t necessarily feature the fastest performance, but are made for durability.

The largest capacity was 8,000mAh, which was available in three smartphones – the Conquest S12 Pro, and Oukitel WP5 Pro, and WP10 5G.

The Oukitel WP5 was the cheapest of the trio – coming in at just R3,499. That price gets you a MediaTek Helio P22 processor, 4GB RAM, and 32GB storage.

While those specifications places it within the budget smartphone category, its claimed standby time of 615 hours, 42 hours of phone calls, or 43 hours of music playback are impressive.

Samsung and Xiaomi were the only two mainstream brands in the top 10, the former offering the Galaxy M31S with 6,000mAh battery and Galaxy M51 with 7,000mAh, and the latter its Pocophone X3 with 5,160mAh.

While these models aren’t officially sold in South Africa, they are available through specialist importer Connected Devices.

Hisense was another of the more recognisable manufacturers – with its H40 Infinity Rock bringing 5,360mAh to the table.

Below are the top 10 smartphones with the largest batteries for sale in South Africa.

Oukitel WP5 – 8,000mAh – R3,499

Oukitel WP10 5G – 8,000mAh – R8,957

Conquest S12 Pro Rugged Phone – 8,000mAh – R11,449

Samsung Galaxy M51 – 7,000mAh – R10,799

Blackview BV9800 Pro – 6,580mAh – R12,999

Doogee S96 Pro Triple Proofing Phone – 6,350mAh –  R5,555

Samsung Galaxy M31S – 6,000mAh – R6,199

Ulefone Armor 10 5G – 5,800mAh – R13,999

Hisense Infinity H40 Rock – 5,360mAh – R5,199

Xiaomi Pocophone X3 – 5,160mAh – R6,299

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Top 10 smartphones with the biggest batteries