Google will make own processor for next flagship smartphone – Report

Google will debut its first mobile chip in its upcoming Pixel 6 smartphones, a report from 9to5Google has claimed.

Rumours that the company was working on its own system-on-chip (SoC) first emerged in 2020.

At the time, reports claimed that the company was working with Samsung to bring its own silicon to Google smartphones and Chromebooks in a project dubbed “Whitechapel”.

9to5Google has now said Google was internally using the codename GS101 for the first chip being developed as part of Whitechapel. The GS is supposedly short for “Google Silicon”.

In official documentation seen by the publication, Whitechapel is used in connection with the codename “Slider” – a reference which has also been found in the Google Camera app.

“From what we can piece together, we believe that Slider is a shared platform for the first Whitechapel SoC,” the report stated.

“Looking at other projects connected to ‘Slider’, we find the codename is also directly connected to Samsung, including references to Samsung Exynos,” it added.

This appeared to confirm that Google’s chips are being built in collaboration with Samsung’s system large-scale integration (SLSI) division.

The report added that the first phones to be built on the Slider platform will be released this spring, and are expected to be the Pixel 6 and possibly the Pixel 5a.

Taking on Apple

Google’s push to develop its own smartphone chips could be an indication that it wants to take on Apple’s dominance in hardware-software synergy in the mobile space.

Apple has been producing its own chips for its iPhones and iPads since 2010.

This capability has allowed it to optimise its processors for use in conjunction with its iOS software.

This has resulted in the chips outperforming Android-based rivals such as those made by Qualcomm and Samsung.

Combining Google’s expertise on Android and Samsung’s experience with hardware development could possibly lead to performance improvements on the Android platform.

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Google will make own processor for next flagship smartphone – Report