Using two WhatsApp accounts on one phone — Here’s how to do it

If you operate from two mobile numbers, be it for business or personal purposes, there are ways on Android and iPhone to run two WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

Several Android manufacturers offer a feature that lets you run two instances of the same app.

In contrast, iPhone users will have to use a workaround available in the WhatsApp Business app to run a second account from their device.

The name of the dual app setting will differ slightly between different Android manufacturers.

On Samsung, it’s called Dual Messenger; on Huawei, it’s App Twin; on Xiaomi, it’s Dual Apps.

Setting the functionality up is simple, and the steps for Samsung and Huawei are outlined below.


On your Samsung device, go to settings, then in the search bar, type Advanced Features.

In the Advanced Features menu, there will be a Dual Messenger option:

When you click on the Dual Messenger tab, you will be met by the following screen:

samsung dual whatsapp setting

From here, you can choose to activate another version of Whatsapp.

You can also configure it so that your other account has access to a different set of contacts than your primary number. This will be based on your Google accounts.

The second version of Whatsapp will appear next to the original version in your application drawer and will act like its own separate app on which you can set up the account for your other number.


On Huawei, the function is found in your settings, within the Apps menu, seen below:

whatsapp app twin setting

Click on the App Twin menu option, where you will be navigated to the following screen:

whatsapp app twin menu

Click on the slider to enable App Twin, and navigate to your app page to set up your other account on the duplicated version of Whatsapp:


There is no built-in “Dual App” function on iPhone, but you can use the Whatsapp Business app to operate two accounts simultaneously on the same device.

Your other account doesn’t have to be a “business” number to do this.

During the setup of the WhatsApp Business app on your iPhone, select the option Use a different number to input the number of the additional account you would like to operate from the device.

You will be asked to set up a business profile. Here simply enter your name and select Not a business as your business category.

Choose “Not a business” in the WhatsApp Business app for iOS to run a second, private account on your device. YouTube/Guiding Tech

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Using two WhatsApp accounts on one phone — Here’s how to do it