Google Play Store app ratings will change based on your location

Google announced that they would be making Play Store ratings more specific to user location, and in the future, more specific to which device they are using.

These changes are implemented because Google feels the current aggregate ratings “don’t always tell the whole story.”

From November this year, users of the Google Play Store will see specific ratings for their region.

Essentially this means that a user in South Africa will see application ratings submitted by other South African users.

The change will benefit application developers by avoiding a situation where ratings from a specific region pull down the global aggregate rating of an application.

This is to be followed, early next year, by the implementation of ratings related to device type used to access the application.

Device type will include phone, tablet, foldable, Chromebook, smartwatch, and auto interfaces.

“This will give users a better impression of the experience that they can expect for the device they’re using,” Google said.

Google said it is making these changes to help developers as well as users.

Google acknowledged that there would be shifts in the user ratings for applications that developers will want to be prepared for.

Developers will be notified at least 10 weeks before the changes occur, and Google will provide them with information as to what changes will be expected with their application’s rating.

Google also announced that it would be making more Play Store data available to developers – including device type – in the Google Play Console.

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Google Play Store app ratings will change based on your location