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When Google first released its Chrome browser no-one really knew how popular it would turn out to be. Initially its major failure in the face of Firefox’s extensive extensions database was that it couldn’t be extended with additional plugins. Now, however, there is a growing list of extensions available for Chrome. We look at some of the best.

Chromed Bird
Social networking is all the rage at the moment and if you’re a Twitter fan then Chromed Bird is for you. The extension allows you to follow your Twitter account, including DMs, @mentions as well as all of the people you follow, directly from the Chrome interface.

Gmail Checker
If, like most of the online world, you have a Gmail account then the Gmail Checker extension adds a small notification icon in the toolstrip at the bottom of the browser window. When you get a new email on your Gmail account it will trigger an alert. Clicking the notification will open a Gmail account window.

One of the most popular extensions for Firefox is the AdBlock one which hides advertising on all web pages. AdSweep is not as powerful but does a pretty good job of doing the same on Chrome nevertheless. The extension is a piece of Javascript code that uses the underlying CSS styles on a webpage to hide advertising.

Google Date Search
By default Google search results don’t display the date that pages were last updated. Google Date Search is a small plugin that adds this to the results.
It’s a good way of adding additional context to search results because users can see how recently the site was changed.

IE Tab Extension
Not all pages built to run on Internet Explorer run that well on other browsers. IE Tab is an extension that allows users to open a site in an IE-compatible window inside Chrome. Users can also specify specific URLs that they want to have opened in the IE-compatible tab.

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