Apple App Store price hike for South Africa

Apple has told developers that prices on applications sold through its App Store will increase in Mexico, South Korea, Turkey, and South Africa, 9to5Mac reported.

“We sometimes need to update prices on the App Store whenever taxes or foreign exchange rates change,” Apple said in an e-mail to developers.

Developers can’t set a price for their application – Apple provides a selection of price tiers which they have to choose from.

Prices currently range from Tier 0 (free) and Tier 1 (R7.36) to R7,368.41 on Tier 87.

In addition to the price hike, Apple said it would add two new low-price tiers on the South African App Store: Alternate Tier A, and Alternate Tier B.

South Africans who have auto-renewing subscriptions services through the App Store will have their subscriptions disabled, and will be informed they will change. Those affected will be sent an e-mail with a link to resubscribe.

The price hike from Apple comes after two increases in 2014.

The first was implemented between 1 and 2 April 2014, and like this increase it was due to changes in foreign exchange rates.

A second price hike kicked in during June 2014 to account for the 14% VAT on digital goods and services that South Africans had to start paying.

Apple said the update to its app pricing would roll out over 36 hours, with 9to5Mac stating it is scheduled to be complete by the evening of 8 July in SA.

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Apple App Store price increase for South Africa

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Apple App Store price hike for South Africa