Top programming languages of 2016

IEEE Spectrum has released its ranking of the most popular programming languages of 2016.

The IEEE Spectrum uses “various metrics as proxies for gauging the current use of a language”, it said.

“Working with data journalist Nick Diakopoulos, from 10 online sources we’ve chosen 12 metrics, each one of which gives insight along a different axis of popularity. Combining the metrics produces a single ranking,” said IEEE Spectrum.

The interactive ranking also lets users adjust the weight of each metric to filter the results for their needs – with a focus on web, mobile, enterprise, and embedded systems.

The default ranking by IEEE Spectrum is detailed in the table below.

Top Programming Languages 2016
1 C
2 Java
3 Python
4 C++
5 R
6 C#
8 JavaScript
9 Ruby
10 Go

“After two years in second place, C has finally edged out Java for the top spot,” stated the report.

C# fell out of the top five and was replaced by R, while Google’s Go and Apple’s Swift climbed the rankings – with Swift just missing out on a top-10 spot.

“Other notable changes include Ladder Logic, rising five positions to 34th place.”

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Top programming languages of 2016