Google Chrome market share still rising

Google Chrome continued its rise in popularity while Internet Explorer and Firefox seemed to lose some ground to the search giant’s web browser.

Based on the WebKit layout engine, Google launched the Chrome beta for Windows in September 2008. The first public release of the popular browser was in December 2008.

Currently in version 9 and with Chrome 10 on the way, Google Chrome prides itself as a fast, lightweight and robust browser. Considering its rapid growth since launch, Google must have done something right when they built it.

While Chrome’s user base is growing fast, Safari’s has slowly increased its share over the last few years and Opera and Firefox seem to have largely stagnated.

Firefox’s overall market share has declined over the last few months, but not nearly as quickly as Internet Explorer’s has.

The table below shows the browser usage statistics for February 2011 according to Net Applications, StatCounter and W3Counter.

Source Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome Safari Opera
Net Applications 56.77% 21.74% 10.93% 6.36% 2.15%
Stat Counter 45.44% 30.37% 16.64% 5.08% 2.00%
W3Counter 40.20% 30.50% 15.20% 6.00% 2.00%
Median 45.44% 30.37% 15.20% 6.00% 2.00%
Mean 47.47% 27.54% 14.26% 5.81% 2.05%

MyBroadband’s browser statistics drawn from Google Analytics shows similar usage for Safari and Opera during February 2011, but the number of visitors that used Internet Explorer are much lower than the global average.

Browser usage share on MyBroadband from 1 February 2011 to 28 February 2011

Browser usage share Browser on operating system usage share
Rank Browser Share Browser / Operating system Share
1 Internet Explorer 34.49% Internet Explorer / Windows 34.46%
2 Firefox 32.00% Firefox / Windows 28.09%
3 Chrome 20.56% Chrome / Windows 18.37%
4 Safari 6.10% Opera Mini / (not set) 3.35%
5 Opera Mini 3.62% Safari / Macintosh 3.05%
6 Opera 2.13% Firefox / Linux 2.25%
7 Mozilla Compatible Agent 0.38% Opera / Windows 1.88%
8 BlackBerry8520 0.15% Firefox / Macintosh 1.63%
9 BlackBerry9700 0.10% Chrome / Linux 1.19%
10 Mozilla 0.08% Safari / iPhone 1.15%

It is also interesting to see Opera Mini ranking fifth on MyBroadband, ahead of the Opera desktop browser.

Compared to the statistics pulled in December 2010, both Chrome and Internet Explorer have seen increased usage to access MyBroadband, at the apparent expense of Firefox.

Safari has also seen increased use on MyBroadband since January, while Opera and Opera Mini’s share of the usage declined.

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Google Chrome market share still rising