Java 9 will be modular

The next version of Java will feature modularity, a controversial feature which promises performance and scalability benefits, Infoworld reported.

Modularity for Java 9 is back on track after an updated proposal was accepted by the Java Community Process Executive Committee by a 24-0 vote.

A similar vote failed weeks earlier by 13-10, with several members stating the plan was disruptive and lacked consensus.

Red Hat previously voted down the suggestion, but abstained this round, as it did not want to delay the release of Java 9. There are several issues in the current proposal it wanted further work on, though.

It said getting real-world feedback on the modularity system will be key to determining where further changes are needed.

IBM, The Eclipse Foundation, Hazelcast, and Twitter all changed their vote to “yes” for modularity.

The initial “no” votes caused the release of Java Development Kit 9 to be delayed from 27 July. It is now set to be released on 21 September.

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Java 9 will be modular