The 5 coolest experimental apps built on Ethereum

The Ethereum blockchain is based on the original Bitcoin blockchain technology, but expands on the design with a Turing-complete programming language and support for autonomous smart contracts.

The smart contracts can be used to construct applications operating on a transparent, decentralised computer.

Ethereum dApps (decentralised apps) are still in their infancy and are expected to grow as the blockchain is improved by its development community.

However, there are a number of disruptive and unique applications running on the blockchain right now.

We took a look at the most interesting dApps being built and running on the Ethereum blockchain.

Raiden Network

The most interesting and complex dApp is the Raiden Network.

Raiden aims to provide high-speed asset transfers for Ethereum and will function similarly to Bitcoin’s proposed Lightning Network.

The dApp is under development and faces the challenge of including scalability, reliability, and low transaction fees while maintaining virtually-instant transaction times.

Once implemented, Raiden is predicted to turn the Ethereum blockchain into a superior platform for fund transfers.

Neural network


Etheria is described as a decentralised Minecraft in which the entire world state is stored in the Ethereum blockchain.

The virtual world is made up of land tiles which can be purchased for 1 Ether and interacted with by sending commands to a smart contract on the blockchain.

Due to the decentralised nature of the application, it can never be taken down and can be interacted with without restrictions.

A 3D map of Etheria, complete with owned titles and user-created structures, is on the app’s official webpage.



TenX is a platform which allows users to spend Ether at almost any point of sale in the world.

The application aims to sell physical Visa or Mastercard cards (it has partnered with both) which will automatically convert Ether to the appropriate fiat currency when swiped.

The platform will also make use of the COMIT protocol to increase scalability and support inter-blockchain and off-chain transactions.

Users can use their smartphone to purchase items using currency stored in their TenX wallet via the official application.


EtherTweet is a social dApp which provides an uncensored, blockchain-based communication platform.

Users can interact with the platform by adding blocks to the Ethereum blockchain, and can only remove their own contract from the application.

It is essentially Twitter for Ethereum, with public messages limited to 160 characters.

Like most blockchain actions, users will need a tool like Geth Command Line to interact with EtherTweet.



Gnosis is one of the most popular dApps built on the Ethereum blockchain.

The platform aims to create a decentralised prediction market using participant voting data.

Gnosis has a range of applications, allowing users to predict everything from the weather to election results.

Gnosis has its own ERC20 token which is traded on the Ethereum blockchain, independently of Ether.

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The 5 coolest experimental apps built on Ethereum