Google App Engine gets firewall

Google App Engine now offers a fully-featured firewall, with developers advised to use it as their primary way to combat denial of service attacks, TechCrunch reported.

The firewall lets developers control access to their App Engine apps through a set of rules that can allow or deny requests from specified IP address ranges.

Developers may create a firewall to:

  • Only allow traffic from within a specific network.
  • Only allow traffic from a specific service.
  • Block abusive IP addresses.

This lets you ensure that only a certain range of IP addresses can access your app, that all traffic to your App Engine app is proxied through a specific service, or block traffic to your app from certain IP addresses.

“You can blacklist IP addresses or subnets so that requests routed from those addresses and subnets are denied before it reaches your App Engine app,” said Google.

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Google App Engine gets firewall