Reddit closing access to main code base

Reddit has stated it will archive the open source code repositories for its main and mobile sites, as they play an increasingly smaller role in day-to-day development.

Reddit CTO Christopher Slowe said they decided to open source the site so the community could keep it alive if the company failed.

Over the years, this concern has fallen away, and the company has not kept its open-source product repositories up to date.

Slowe said this was for competitive reasons – as open-source makes it hard to develop features without leaking plans – and because there is no longer a single “monolithic” version of Reddit that works using only the original repository.

Development branches of Reddit’s code have also become fragmented, and merging them into the open source repository became difficult.

Slowe said they will continue to open source certain tools they develop for Reddit, however, including:

  • baseplate – Reddit’s service framework.
  • rollingpin – Reddit’s deployment tooling.
  • mcsauna – Reddit’s tool for finding and tracking hot keys in memcached.

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Reddit closing access to main code base