Blu-ray disc copyright protection cracked – Report

Arusoft announced it has cracked AACS 2.1 copy protection used on ultra-high-definition Blu-ray discs, TorrentFreak reported.

Rumours that the copy protection mechanism used on Blu-ray discs had been cracked surfaced in 2017, when a copy of Smurfs 2 was uploaded to UltraHDclub.

Previously, Blu-ray releases used a copy protection scheme known as AACS 2.0, which was believed to be unbreakable.

Soon after the release of the Smurfs 2 UHD rip, Russian company Arusoft announced its ripping tools could handle media encrypted with AACS 2.0.

Hollywood responded with an updated version of the copy protection scheme, AACS 2.1, which appeared on new discs in May. Based on the recent announcement, this has also been cracked.

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Blu-ray disc copyright protection cracked – Report