How Huawei boosted the performance of its smartphones

Huawei has started rolling out its GPU Turbo technology to smartphones in South Africa, delivering massive performance improvements for mobile gaming.

In a media briefing in Johannesburg on 30 August 2018, Huawei South Africa Chief Technology Officer Akhram Mohamed explained the benefits of the technology.

Mohamed said that GPU Turbo can improve graphics processing performance by up to 60%, improve power efficiency by 30%, and reduce frame rate jitter.

He added that independent reviews of the technology have found improved gaming performance.

The results of a series of tests conducted by GameBench – which compare the average frame rates delivered by a preview version of GPU Turbo in Mobile Legends – are listed below.

  • Huawei P20 Pro without GPU Turbo – 53.2
  • Huawei P20 Pro with GPU Turbo – 58.6

The benchmarks also showed a massive improvement in jitter, which reflects variation in frame rates over time.

The average jitter for each device tested is shown below (lower is better).

  • Huawei P20 Pro without GPU Turbo – 2.65%
  • Huawei P20 Pro with GPU Turbo – 0.35%

How it works

Mohamed explained that GPU Turbo is implemented at the software level and controls the rendering flow delivered to the GPU.

“Without GPU Turbo, the CPU tells the GPU to draw out frames in a standard format, drawing every frame from scratch,” said Mohamed.

“GPU Turbo does not re-draw the entire thing, only drawing what is new and retains information which was the same in the previous frame.”

“This software is executed on the CPU, although we could have plans for other hardware resources to take on this load in future.”

The technology will provide a performance boost across all mobile games, but Huawei has partnered with the developers of PUBG and Mobile Legends to optimise the performance improvements delivered in these titles.

Mohamed said Huawei is also working closely with other game developers and is close to announcing official support for more games.

“Gaming is just a start, but we will be rolling it out to many more applications and user scenarios in the near future.”

GPU Turbo is set to roll out to a number of Huawei devices, including the flagship P20 series and Mate 10 series.

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How Huawei boosted the performance of its smartphones