The best new features in Windows 10 October 2018 update

The Windows 10 October 2018 update will soon start rolling out to PC users worldwide.

The latest update brings a number of new features to the operating system, including integration with Android and iOS smartphones, improved productivity tools, and interface enhancements.

Users can update to the latest version of Windows 10 in a number of ways.

Windows 10 users who have automatic updates enabled will receive the update as soon as it is ready for their hardware – from 9 October 2018.

For those who want to download the update before then, manually checking for updates will allow you to begin the installation process before 9 October.

This functionality is limited to devices without any compatibility or key blocking issues.

The best features available in the Windows 10 October 2018 update are listed below.

Your Phone App and Timeline

The new Your Phone app for Windows 10 allows you to easily access your Android device’s photos and texts from your computer.

Users can also drag and drop photos from their smartphone onto their PC and message friends from their smartphone using their PC’s keyboard.

This feature is supported by Android devices with Android 7.0 or newer, with iPhone users limited to syncing web pages between their device and Windows 10 PC.

Additionally, the Timeline interface introduced in the April 2018 update can now be synced to your Android or iOS device, allowing you to sync documents and tasks seamlessly between the mobile and desktop platforms.

Windows 10 Your Phone Timeline


The SwiftKey smart keyboard will now be integrated into Windows when using the touch keyboard to write in supported languages, including English.

SwiftKey provides automatic auto-correction of spelling mistakes, next-word prediction, and provides you with word suggestions as you start typing.

SwiftKey Windows

Cloud Clipboard and Emoji

The new clipboard experience allows you to access your clipboard history, pin items you commonly use, and copy content across devices.

This clipboard can be accessed by pressing the Windows key + “V” and is powered by the same roaming technology which powers Timeline.

The Windows 10 October 2018 update also includes the 157 new emoji supported by Unicode 11, including superheroes, a llama, and pirate flags.

These emoji can be accessed by opening the emoji panel (Windows Key + “.”).

Windows 10 Clipboard

Start Tiles and Search

The Start Menu has been overhauled as part of the update, adding improved search and the ability to rename Start tile folders.

Expanding a Start tile folder now allows you to rename the folder.

The home screen now includes a “Pick up where you left off” section, and searches can now be filtered to find content from your PC and the cloud.

Search previews now also include apps, documents, people, and more, allowing users to quickly access information to recent files and web results.

Windows 10 Search Previews

Gaming and Mixed Reality

Users with mixed reality headsets can now take advantage of Mixed Reality Flashlight, which allows them to peer into their physical environment from within a VR environment.

Mixed reality users can open a portal into the real world via the Start menu, a button shortcut, or a voice command.

Other mixed reality enhancements include the ability to stream audio to the headset and speakers simultaneously, and removing the need for a monitor to be connected while running applications.

The October 2018 update also improves the Game bar by giving it a more streamlined appearance and audio controls

Windows 10 Flashlight

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The best new features in Windows 10 October 2018 update