The best browsers for Android and iOS in 2019

Just like desktop computers, smartphones have a wide selection of software available to them – especially when it comes to web browsers.

However, mobile users seem more content to stick with their default Internet browsers than desktop users.

While Windows 7 and Windows 10 users usually switch to Chrome as their default browser instead of Internet Explorer, mobile users on Android or iOS do not tend to shift away from their default browsers as easily.

This may be due to the popularity of Chrome and Safari respectively, or it could be a lack of knowledge about more specialised browsers.

Below is the mobile browser market share for April 2019, courtesy of NetMarketShare:

Mobile Browser Share
Chrome 65.53%
Safari 26.37%
QQ 2.72%
Firefox 1.78%
Android Browser 1.47%
Opera Mini 1.18%
UC Browser 1.13%
Baidu 1.02%
Opera 0.39%
Yandex 0.21%

Highly-rated browsers

The data above shows that Chrome and Safari are dominant in the mobile browser space, with other software like Firefox, Edge, and Opera Mini only used by a small percentage of users.

This has not discouraged competition in the mobile browser market however, with a number of specialised smartphone browsers being developed for both Android and iOS devices.

Many of these are based on Google’s Chromium web engine, which is also used by Chrome and ensures compatibility with most browsing elements.

Others offer entirely unique features which are aimed at a specific user base like privacy-focused consumers or cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

We have listed a number of popular and highly-rated apps which are commonly categorised as the best mobile browsers below.

Google Chrome

Android and iOS

Google Chrome is the default browser for Android smartphones, and most users see no need to change to another app from this browser.

In relation to other browsers, Chrome is extremely useful due to its compatibility with the user’s Google account.

Once signed into Chrome, you can access your saved passwords, YouTube and Google account, and receive recommendations automatically.




Safari is the default browser for iOS, and functions similarly to Chrome in that it offers enhanced synchronisation between your Apple accounts.

If you use a MacBook in addition to your iPhone, you will easily be able to share browsing data and other information through the Safari app.

Safari also includes a built-in ad-blocker and a reader mode for distraction-free browsing.

Safari logo


Android and iOS

Mozilla’s Firefox mobile browser aims to offer a balance between speed and privacy, and is available for both Android and iOS.

The browser offers a smart search bar and tracking protection along with various device sync features to improve the user experience across different platforms.

You can sync your Firefox data across your Windows PC and mobile device regardless of which operating system you are using.


Firefox Focus

Android and iOS

Firefox Focus is a streamlined version of Firefox which is centered around privacy and data protection.

This browser automatically blocks a wide range of advertisements and trackers and allows users to easily erase their browsing history, stored passwords, and cookies.

The browser also offers improved page loading times due to its automatic removal of trackers and ads.



Android and iOS

Brave is a relatively new web browser which runs on the Chromium web engine and includes ad and tracker blockers.

The software’s most interesting feature, however, is its integration with blockchain technology and the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

By integrating an Ethereum-based token with the application, the Brave platform allows users to tip websites and content creators while earning tokens from viewing adverts.

Brave Logo


Android and iOS

Opera is a versatile browser which is available in a number of versions for mobile devices.

This includes an Opera for Android browser which boasts a built-in VPN that does not require any additional software installation and can be easily toggled while browsing.

Opera also has a Mini browser which cuts down on data usage and optimises page loading times by removing unnecessary features.


Microsoft Edge

Android and iOS

Microsoft has developed an Edge mobile browser for Android and iOS operating systems, and while it is a fairly vanilla experience it offers reliability and speed.

This browser is especially useful for Windows 10 users, as it allows for the seamless sharing of content through the browser itself.

Edge offers a standard selection of security and privacy features while also including a Reading List feature which syncs between your devices.

Microsoft Edge logo

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The best browsers for Android and iOS in 2019