The best browsers for Android

Vivaldi recently announced the launch of the beta version of its Android browser.

The desktop version of the browser has become well-known as a favourite among some power users due to features such as Speed Dial – which allows users to select certain favourite websites from the start page.

The Vivaldi Beta is entering a congested browser market, however, with several great options already available for Android users.

These are some of the best Android browsers available right now.


For most users, Chrome is the default choice for their Android browser.

This is because the Chrome Android browser syncs with the desktop version, and since Chrome dominates desktop market share, most users would be well-served syncing their bookmarks and settings across devices.

Beyond its cross-device integration, Chrome is a high-quality browser which offers myriad powerful features, including a data-saving mode, automatic translation, and malware blockers.



Mirroring its performance in the desktop browser market, Firefox is one of the leading Android browsers.

One of its biggest draws is that it is not run by Google and pushes unique privacy features. Many users are distrusting of Google, and Firefox presents itself as a highly capable alternative.

Firefox also has an extensive range of themes and extensions – ensuring that your browsing experience is what you want it to be.

The browser comes in a lightweight version named Firefox Focus, which sacrifices some features for increased privacy.



Opera is another leading member of the chasing pack – both on mobile and desktop.

This browser is a great option for those who want a lightweight, highly-secure browser on their Android smartphone.

Its data-saver mode compresses videos and web pages to save users’ data – a big consideration in South Africa, where mobile data prices are relatively high.

Opera also offers a free, built-in VPN on both mobile and desktop.



While Microsoft’s latest Edge desktop browser is now a Chromium-based product, the Android version is not.

However, it still offers several options that may be appealing to users – including the ability to sync data with your Microsoft account.

It also features an ad-blocker, translation, and a password manager. You can also use Edge’s reading list tool to save pages for later reading.

Microsoft Edge logo


DuckDuckGo is best known for its privacy-focused search engine, but it also offers an Android browser.

The browser has an incredibly simple interface and doesn’t offer many complex features.

However, it makes up for this by prioritising user privacy. It blocks ad-trackers and offers the ability to wipe all of your activity instantly.



Flynx cannot be used as a standalone browser, but it offers interesting features which can complement your primary browser.

When opening a link with Flynx, a bubble will appear towards the side of your screen, rather than the traditional opening of the webpage in your primary browser.

This allows you to continue reading the original source until you want to access the content behind the link.


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The best browsers for Android