Windows 10 is killing Windows 7

Windows 10 continues to increase its market share as users upgrade from Windows 7 to Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system.

Data from NetMarketShare shows that Windows 7’s market share has dipped under 30%, while Windows 10 has reached its highest ever market share at 52.38%.

Windows 7’s market share has been declining throughout 2019, but this decline has been more pronounced over the past few months.

A major contributing factor to this is the fact that Microsoft has set the end-of-life deadline for Windows 7 at 14 January 2020.

Windows 7 continues to fall

Continued use of Windows 7 after the end-of-life deadline will leave users exposed to a variety of security vulnerabilities.

For this reason, it is important that Windows 7 user numbers continue to drop – as it indicates that more users are becoming aware they need to upgrade their Windows 7 operating system before January 2020.

NetMarketShare’s statistics show that this upgrade is happening at an accelerated pace.

Windows 7’s market share has dropped by over 2% over the past month, and by over 7% in the second half of 2019.

Meanwhile, Windows 10 has seen substantial gains in market share, up from 50.99% in August to 52.38% in September.

Mac OS X 10.14 also saw surprising market share increases in September, with Apple adding over 1% of the market to its operating system.

Below is how the market share of the top 5 desktop operating systems has changed since March 2019.

Operating System March April May June July August September
Windows 10 43.62% 44.10% 45.73% 45.78% 48.86% 50.99% 52.38%
Windows 7 36.52% 36.43% 35.44% 35.38% 31.83% 30.34% 28.17%
Mac OS X 10.14 5.40% 5.23% 5.34% 5.31% 5.38% 5.95% 7.15%
Windows 8.1 4.13% 4.22% 3.97% 4.51% 5.29% 4.20% 3.48%
Windows XP 2.29% 2.46% 2.22% 1.81% 1.68% 1.57% 1.21%

New Microsoft devices

Microsoft recently launched a series of devices, including its foldable smartphone – the Surface Duo – and the Surface Neo dual-screen laptop.

The Surface Neo will use Microsoft’s new Windows 10X operating system, which is designed specifically to run on dual-screen computing devices.

Windows 10X is essentially a modified version of Windows 10 rather than a completely new operating system, and takes advantage of the Surface Neo’s two displays to allow for superior multitasking.

The Surface Duo foldable smartphone will not use a Microsoft operating system.

Instead, it will be powered by Android – which will allow users to access popular apps such as the Google Play Store and WhatsApp.

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Windows 10 is killing Windows 7