All the cool new features coming to WhatsApp

Facebook has been pushing out updates to all of its platforms regularly, and WhatsApp is no exception.

The company is testing a range of new features for its mobile messaging platform, many of which it has already made available in beta versions of the app for Android and iOS.

These features may not be implemented soon, but the discovery of their existence within versions of WhatsApp that are under development point towards them being launched in the future.

We have outlined some of the most interesting changes coming to WhatsApp below.

Dark Mode

Recent reports showed that Facebook is working on adding a Dark Mode to WhatsApp, with the feature first appearing in the Android beta version of the application.

Once implemented, this feature will be accessible through a new section under WhatsApp’s Settings menu titled Theme Settings.

From within the Theme Settings menu, WhatsApp users will be able to choose between three options: Light Theme, Dark Theme, and System Default.

When System Default is selected, WhatsApp will automatically detect which theme is used by your Android operating system and set the same theme within the application.

Disappearing messages

Once implemented, WhatsApp’s upcoming Disappearing Messages feature will reportedly allow users to send self-destructing text and media to each other.

When Disappearing Messages is turned on for a chat, all messages sent by participants will be removed after a pre-defined interval.

The current implementation of this functionality in the Android beta version of WhatsApp allows messages to be automatically deleted from a chat after either five seconds or one hour.

It is unclear whether this feature will be available for iOS.

Facebook Pay

Following its rebranding to “WhatsApp from Facebook”, the messaging app may include even more integration with the social media platform.

References to an upcoming Facebook Pay feature have been found in the application’s code, suggesting that Facebook may look to launch its own mobile payment tool through WhatsApp.

Facebook Pay would function similarly to WeChat’s WePay system in China, although there may be some key differences following the launch of the company’s Libra cryptocurrency.

Integrating Facebook Pay on WhatsApp to the Calibra digital wallet could allow messaging app users to facilitate blockchain transactions across borders with relative ease.

There is no information available regarding the launch date of Facebook Pay on WhatsApp.

“Boomerang” videos

A report published in August 2019 by WABetaInfo pointed to the potential launch of Boomerang-style videos in WhatsApp.

Boomerang videos are used on Instagram, and allow users to create a video that loops backwards and forwards endlessly, similar to a GIF.

WhatsApp may borrow this feature from the other Facebook-owned app in the future, with the report stating that users will be able to create a looping video from any clip that is seven seconds or shorter.

The feature would be available in the video type panel, alongside the video and GIF media sending options.

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All the cool new features coming to WhatsApp