The most popular versions of Android

After an initial slow rollout, Android 9.0 Pie is now the most popular version of Google’s mobile OS, according to statistics from NetMarketShare.

The development is likely a result of the OS rolling out to more Android-based smartphones throughout 2019.

Android is supported across multiple smartphone manufacturers and is installed on devices from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Sony, and Nokia.

However, since many of these manufacturers layer their own interfaces on top of the OS, it takes longer to develop compatible versions Android for devices with varying specifications.

iOS updates, meanwhile, are normally rolled out simultaneously across all of Apple’s modern devices.

The numbers

Because of its availability across multiple brands, Android continued to dominate the mobile OS market share in 2019.

Its overall slice of the market climbed slightly from 68.93% in November 2018 to 69.38% in November 2019.

Apple’s iOS also recorded a slight increase from 29.29% to 30.29% in the same period.

Following far behind this were Series 40, Windows Phone OS, and Linux with 0.03% of market share each.

Mobile OS versions

When it comes to specific mobile OS versions,  Android 9.0 Pie overtook last year’s leader, Android 8.1 Oreo, and tops the list for most used mobile OS version overall.

After a slow rate of adoption following its public launch in August 2018, Android 9.0 is now installed 24.77% of all smartphones.

It is followed by Apple’s iOS 13.1, which claims 15.37% of the market share.

When considering Android 9.0’s presence on only Android-based phones, it is running on more than a third of all devices (33.7%).

The tables below show the market share of the most commonly-used mobile operating systems and most popular mobile OS versions.

Mobile OS Share – Total
Android 69.38%
iOS 30.29%
Unknown 0.22%
Series 40 0.03%
Windows Phone OS 0.03%
Linux 0.03%
Mobile OS Share – Version
Android 9.0 24.77%
iOS 13.1 15.37%
Android 8.1 9.88%
Android 8.0 6.25%
Android 7.0 5.72%
Android 6.0 5.42%
iOS 12.4 5.27%
iOS 13.2 4.74%
Android 4.2 3.80%

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The most popular versions of Android