Android 11 Go is great news for budget smartphones

Google has revealed new details about Android 11 Go Edition, the lighter version of its Android 11 mobile operating system, which was launched earlier this week.

Android Go Edition is designed for lower-powered smartphones in the entry-level category, in particular those equipped with lower amounts of RAM than mid-range and flagship smartphones.

Its applications take up less space and consume less memory than on standard Android iterations.

Android 11 Go release adds support for smartphones with less than 2GB RAM, compared with the less than 1.5GB requirement on Android 10 Go Edition.

According to a report from 9to5Google, it will be available on all devices running either Android 10 or 11 with less than 2GB RAM starting from October.

However, Google told The Verge the update will only be on newer smartphones with that amount of memory.

The company did not provide examples of smartphones which will receive the update but said that OEMs can decide for themselves whether they would roll out Android 10 Go or Android 11 Go on a device.

Memory and storage improvements

Google claimed apps will launch 20% faster on Android 11 Go Edition when compared with the Android 10 version.

Users will have an additional 270MB of free memory at their disposal, which should allow them to run several more apps in the background.

On the storage front, Android 11 Go uses 900MB less space, allowing manufacturers to add storage-heavy features like biometrics and dual-camera systems.

It will also support some of the new features of Android 11, such as dedicated grouped notifications for messaging apps, and granting one-time permission for apps to use the camera and microphone.

Budget smartphones in South Africa

The Android 11 Go update could be well received in South Africa, where budget smartphones with low amounts of RAM are extremely popular.

Three of the five best-selling smartphone brands in the IDC’s report on smartphone sales in South Africa for the first quarter of 2020 are known for offering budget-oriented devices.

These brands are Hisense, Mobicel, and Vodacom. The other two top-sellers – Samsung and Huawei – also boast a wide selection of entry-level smartphones.

In addition, South Africa’s biggest mobile operator Vodacom previously told MyBroadband that it had seen a big increase in demand for budget smartphones from brands like Tecno and Hisense in 2020.

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Android 11 Go is great news for budget smartphones