Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla released

Ubuntu has announced the latest release of its Linux-based operating system, codenamed Groovy Gorilla.

Ubuntu 20.10 is the first Ubuntu release to feature desktop images for the Raspberry Pi 4.

“The Ubuntu kernel has been updated to the 5.8 based Linux kernel, and our default toolchain has moved to gcc 10 with glibc 2.32. Additionally, there is now a desktop variant of the Raspberry Pi image for Raspberry Pi 4 4GB and 8GB,” the Ubuntu release team said in its announcement.

Ubuntu Desktop 20.10 introduces GNOME 3.38, which the Ubuntu team said comes with significant performance improvements and a more responsive user experience.

The installer for the desktop version of Ubuntu also includes the ability to connect to Windows Active Directory domains.

Ubuntu Server 20.10 integrates updates from virtualisation and infrastructure projects like QEMU 5.0, libvirt 6.6, and OpenStack Victoria.

“Ubuntu Server now ships Telegraf, the metrics collecting agent that together with Prometheus and Grafana form the basis of a strong and reliable logging, monitoring and alerting solution that can be deployed on Ubuntu systems,” the team stated.

According to the Ubuntu 20.10 release notes, the update to 5.8 Linux kernel adds the following:

  • Better WiFi connection quality with Airtime Queue limits
  • Intel Gen11 (Ice Lake) and Gen12 (Tiger Lake) graphics support
  • Initial support for AMD Family 19h (Zen 3)
  • USB 4 (Thunderbolt 3 protocol) support added
  • Active State Power Management (ASPM) for improved power savings of PCIe-to-PCI devices
  • General Notification Queue for key/keyring notification, mount changes, etc.
  • X86 Enable 5-level paging support by default
  • Btrfs RAID1 with 3 and 4 copies and more checksum alternatives

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Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla released