Google Play Store dropping app permission information

Google is dropping its separate “app permission” sections in the Play Store in favour of descriptions provided by the specific developer, according to an Ars Technica report.

This comes just a week before the tech giant reaches the deadline for its new “Data Safety” section, and the move raises some concerns surrounding privacy on the platform.

In April this year, Google began rolling out the “Data Safety” section, which displays a list of developer-provided privacy considerations, including data collection and sharing.

What’s concerning is how the list is generated. Previously, Google scanned applications to determine what kind of permissions they needed.

However, the new “Data Safety” section works on an honour system, where app developers can create their own descriptions of what permissions an app needs.

“You alone are responsible for making complete and accurate declarations in your app’s store listing on Google Play,” Google’s explanation of the new section reads.

“Google Play reviews apps across all policy requirements; however, we cannot make determinations on behalf of the developers of how they handle user data.”

“Only you [the developer] possess all the information required to complete the Data safety form,” Google added.

The tech giant specified that only when it becomes aware of an inconsistency between app behaviour and a developer’s description will it take the necessary action.

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Google Play Store dropping app permission information