Microsoft working on real-time video translation in Edge

Microsoft Edge’s latest Canary update has hinted at an upcoming feature for the browser — real-time video translation.

Twitter user @Leopeva64 spotted a new “Translate” button that becomes visible when hovering a mouse over a video. However, they noted that clicking on the button doesn’t yet cause anything to happen.

The upcoming feature is expected to support four languages. The translation interface has a dropdown menu offering a selection of English, French, Spanish, and Russian translations.

“It seems that video translation in Edge will initially support four languages, in Canary Microsoft has added a combobox to choose the language, the translation itself doesn’t seem to work yet,” said @Leopeva64.

Microsoft has announced several new features for its default Windows browser in recent months, which could help to get users to pick Edge over alternatives like Google Chrome.

In May 2023, the company revealed that it was working on Edge for Gamers — a feature which it says provides an enhanced user experience both inside and outside of gaming sessions.

The new mode adds several enhancements, including a gaming-oriented home page and sidebar apps aimed at gamers.

It also includes a gaming efficiency mode, presumably reducing browser resource usage to leave more resources free for the best gaming experience.

In July, the company upgraded Edge’s “Edge Secure Network” VPN, increasing the free data allowance from 1GB to 5GB.

The feature encrypts a user’s connection and uses Cloudflare’s network to protect them from threats online.

However, users must sign in to their Microsoft account to receive the 5GB of free data allowance.

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Microsoft working on real-time video translation in Edge