Apple WatchOS 11 announced

Apple has unveiled its new Apple Watch operating system, WatchOS 11, which includes features such as vitals monitoring, wrist gestures, and a new fitness app.

This was announced as part of Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference 2024 presentation.

The tech giant opened its presentation by introducing a new training app called Training Load, which lets users track their exercise intensity by calculating how much effort is being put into their workout.

By collecting users’ workout data and personal information such as age, weight, and height, the app can calculate the total effort put into the workout.

Using this data can also help users prevent exhaustion and injury by calculating how much effort they should exert in a single workout. Users can also adjust the effort rating manually.

Apple has developed WatchOS to allow wrist gestures to control actions inside of apps.

Users can trigger actions within apps by tapping their fingers together, avoiding the need to tap the screen continuously.

Within the health app, the summary tab is now customisable, and a new metric, weekly running distance, will be displayed.

Further additions to the Health app include pausing Activity Rings to signal a rest day when sick or injured.

New safety features have also been introduced in WatchOS 11.

The check-in feature will also be available within the Health app, allowing a user to check in with friends or family. This will automatically be done during a workout.

WatchOS11 also introduces an app called Vitals that monitors health metrics such as sleep and heart rate and notifies users when they are abnormal.

The Cycle Tracking app on WatchOS 11 can also track a user’s gestational age during pregnancy.

WatchOS 11 also introduces new customisation tools, allowing more freedom over how photos are used as watch faces.

Those who enjoy the app stack introduced in the last WatchOS update will be pleased to hear that it has been upgraded.

WatchOS can now suggest apps in the stack, such as a rain forecast app when rain is near or surface translation when travelling.

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Apple WatchOS 11 announced