Top weed smoking IT professions in SA

A storm recently erupted after FBI director James Comey said that the agency may have to relook its “no-tolerance” stance on smoking marijuana to attract the best people to fight cyber criminals.

The FBI’s current policy is that if anyone has used marijuana at all within the last three years, they are automatically disqualified from working at the organisation.

This policy makes it challenging for the FBI to recruit the top computer programmers and hackers.

Comey later clarified his comments, saying that he has no intention of changing the FBI’s no tolerance stance on marijuana use.

South African IT professionals and marijuana use

In South Africa there is a drive to legalise marijuana.  This campaign gained momentum after IFP MP Mario Oriani-Ambrosini tabled a bill that would decriminalise the use of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes.

A recent MyBroadband survey, which attracted 5,478 respondents, shows that 12% of South African IT professionals smoke marijuana. This is far higher than non-IT professionals who completed the survey, where only 6% said they use marijuana.

According to the survey, web designers and Internet & eCommerce professionals have the highest percentage of marijuana users at 14.8%.

The lowest percentage of pot smokers are found among IT managers, project managers, analysts, and consultants, where less than 10% of workers get stoned.

SA Tech's biggest stoners
SA Tech’s biggest stoners

The data from the survey is provided below.

Survey basics
Number of respondants 5478
Non-IT professionals who smoke marijuana 6.3%
IT professionals who smoke marijuana 11.7%
IT profession Percentage of marijuana smokers
Management 9.7%
Project management 9.7%
Analyst, consultant 9.8%
Education 10.4%
Programmers 11.2%
Security 11.6%
System admin 11.8%
Tech support 12.0%
Networking 12.1%
Communications 12.8%
Database admin 13.2%
Sales, marketing 13.4%
Web design 14.8%
Internet, eCommerce 14.8%

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Top weed smoking IT professions in SA