Obama wants tougher cybersecurity

US President Barack Obama is calling on Congress to pass a law to bolster cybersecurity that would promote sharing of information about breaches between the government and companies.

Obama’s proposal would criminalize the overseas sale of stolen credit cards and bank account numbers and expand law enforcement’s ability to prosecute hackers by going after those who sell so-called botnets that are used to send spam and conduct denial of service attacks.
It would also give lawmakers and courts power to deter the sale of spyware and to shut down botnets.

“With the Sony attacks that took place, with the Twitter account that was hacked by Islamist jihadist sympathizers yesterday, it just goes to show how much work we need to do both public and private sector to strengthen our cybersecurity, to make sure that families’ bank accounts are safe, to make sure that our public infrastructure is safe,” Obama said at a meeting with congressional leaders.

The proposals will factor into his State of the Union speech next week.

The issue has received fresh attention in the wake of the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment that the FBI has blamed on North Korea.

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Obama wants tougher cybersecurity