Best broadband speeds for SA gamers

Online gaming platform Steam has added a new section to its statistics page – the Steam Global Traffic Map.

The map shows which countries have the fastest broadband connections and download the most games, based on Steam-using citizens.

The data is refreshed to show Steam’s most recent seven days of activity.

At the time of writing, South African Steam gamers had downloaded 101.3TB’s worth of games in the past week, with an average download rate of 1.8Mbps.

While over 100TB may sound impressive, it only made up 0.1% of Steam’s global traffic during that period.

The table below shows which Internet service providers afforded Steam gamers with the fastest average download speeds during the seven-day period.

SA broadband speeds
ISP Network name Average download speed
Telkom Mobile TELKOMMOBILE, ZA 3.6Mbps
Vodacom VODACOM-ZA, ZA 3.3Mbps
Vox Telecom DPBOL, ZA 3.0Mbps
Internet Solutions IS, ZA 2.2Mbps
Neotel Neotel-AS, ZA 1.7Mbps
Telkom Internet Telkom-Internet, ZA 1.7Mbps
Mweb MWEB-10474, ZA 1.6Mbps
Neotel Neotel-AS, ZA 1.7Mbps
Cybersmart CA2-AS, ZA 1.4Mbps

What is also interesting to note is the popularity of the various ISPs with gamers, based on the number of bytes delivered.

Based on the amount of data delivered, the ISPs are ranked as follows (the amount of data downloaded was not included by Steam):

  1. Telkom Internet
  2. MTN
  3. Mweb
  4. Internet Solutions
  5. Neotel
  7. Vox Telecom
  8. Cybersmart
  9. Telkom Mobile
  10. Vodacom

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Best broadband speeds for SA gamers