Movie prices in South Africa: Ster-Kinekor vs Nu Metro

When Ster-Kinekor announced its annual ticket price increase in May 2014, many cinema-goers complained online about the hike.

However, a comparison of Ster-Kinekor’s prices with that of its closest competitor, Nu Metro Cinemas, suggests its prices are in-line with the market.

To compare the ticket prices of Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro, it was necessary to categorise their various cinemas into tiers.

This is because prices can vary dramatically from one cinema complex to another – fortunately, broad groupings are evident in their pricing structures.

The table below compares the prices of the two cinema chains across four price tiers.

Movie ticket prices 2D 3D
Ster-Kinekor Nu Metro Ster-Kinekor Nu Metro
Lounge R110 R95
Tier 1 R62 R62 R79 R75
Tier 2 R50 – R59 R51 R66 – R69 R65
Tier 3 R21 – R42 R44 – R46 R32 – R66 R53 – R62


A different picture emerges when you compare the discounts available at the two cinema chains.

Both Nu Metro and Ster-Kinekor offer significant ticket price reductions through benefit programmes, and give discounts if you watch movies on a specific day.

When comparing the discounts available, Ster-Kinekor appears to have far better benefits than Nu Metro.

Ster-Kinekor’s half-price Tuesday special for club card members is much cheaper than Nu Metro’s Wowza Wednesday deals, for instance.

The Edgars and Discovery programmes at Ster-Kinekor also offer better prices than the Clicks ClubCard at Nu Metro does.

The table below provides a summary of the various discount programmes on offer through Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro.

Discount Cinema 2D 3D
Tuesday – Club Ster-Kinekor R11 – R31 R16 – R39.50
Wowza Wednesday Nu Metro R37 R45
Edgars Ster-Kinekor R19 – R33 R20 – R48
Discovery Vitality Ster-Kinekor R21 – R35 R21 – R45
Clicks ClubCard Nu Metro R38 R55
Momentum Multiply Nu Metro R20 – R40 R33 – R60

It is worth noting that the range of prices listed for Momentum Multiply is not for the various cinema tiers, but your Multiply membership level.

Momentum Multiply is therefore the only system that offers movie ticket discounts for Nu Metro that compare favourably against the discounts available at Ster-Kinekor cinemas.

The Multiply rewards programme has six different levels ranging from “Base” to “Private Club”. You can increase your membership level by taking up Momentum products such as insurance and other policies, tracking how much you exercise, and getting health assessments.

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Movie prices in South Africa: Ster-Kinekor vs Nu Metro