Movie prices hiked in South Africa

Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro have increased movie ticket prices, with 3D movies at Ster-Kinekor going from R79 to R85, while Nu Metro’s prices went from R75 to R80.

At Ster-Kinekor, increases ranged from 5% to 16%, while price changes at Nu Metro varied between 0% and 10.5% – depending on which cinema you visit.

When Ster-Kinekor was asked about its price hikes previously, the company said an annual price increase is normal for most companies operating in the entertainment industry.

“Ticket prices vary across Ster-Kinekor’s sites, and thus the price increase also varies from site to site,” it said.

Price changes also affected the various clubs and discount programmes available at Nu Metro and Ster-Kinekor.

Ster-Kinekor’s price hikes are summarised in the table below.

Ster-Kinekor tickets – prices for adults
Cinema tier/location 2D/3D 2014 price 2015 price % increase
Opera 2D R85 R95 11.76%
NT Live 2D R125 R135 8.00%
Cinema Prestige 2D/3D R110 R120 9.09%
IMAX IMAX 3D R99 R110 11.11%
“Classic” 3D R79 R85 7.59%
2D R62 R66 6.45%
CapeGate, Blue Route, Bayside 3D R69 R77 11.59%
2D R59 R62 5.08%
Northgate, Musgrave, Eikestad, Centurion 3D R69 R73 5.80%
2D R56 R59 5.36%
“Junction” 3D R66 R70 6.06%
2D R50 R53 6.00%
N1 City 3D R66 R70 6.06%
2D R42 R45 7.14%
Southgate 3D R63 R67 6.35%
2D R40 R45 12.50%
Parow, Maponya 3D R63 R67 6.35%
2D R35 R38 8.57%
Promenade 3D R50 R58 16.00%
2D R35 R38 8.57%
Carlton 3D R50 R58 16.00%
2D R27 R29 7.41%
Sterland 3D R32 R37 15.63%
2D R21 R24 14.29%

Nu Metro’s price hikes were as follows:

Nu Metro tickets – prices for unretired adults
Cinema 2D/3D 2014 price 2015 price % increase
Scene VIP 3D R95 R105 10.5%
Scene Xtreme 3D R99 R99 0.0%
The Pantheon 3D R79 R80 1.3%
2D R68 R70 2.9%
Tier 1 3D R75 R80 6.7%
2D R62 R65 4.8%
Tier 2 3D R65 R70 7.7%
2D R51 R55 7.8%
GrandWest 3D R62 R65 4.8%
2D R46 R50 8.7%
Mountain Mill 3D R53 R53 0.0%
2D R44 R44 0.0%

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Ster-Kinekor movie price hikes in South Africa

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Movie prices hiked in South Africa