New Discovery Vitality rules kick in

Discovery Vitality’s new rules for how its members earn fitness points kick in on 2 April.

The fitness rewards programme told members in March it was changing how points were earned, and it was dropping support for some fitness tracking services.

Vitality said it would no longer support RunKeeper, Strava, MapMyFitness, adidas miCoach, Moves, and Timex from 2 April.

As a result, fitness trackers from TomTom and Suunto can no longer be linked to members’ accounts through MapMyFitness, but Discovery said it is working to integrate them with its system.

TomTom or Suunto device users can still earn points for now, though.

Other devices linked through MapMyFitness must be re-linked through the Discovery website or mobile app, said Discovery.

It also increased heart rate requirements and adjusted activity goals, but Discovery said it would initially decrease members’ goals to give them a chance to adjust to the new rules.

The changes are summarised in the table below [Original pdf].

New Discovery Vitality points scheme
Points 100 300 600 1,500 3,000
Qualifying events
  • Partner Health Clubs
  • Round of golf
  • CrossFit
  • Preggi Bellies
  • S.W.E.A.T. 1000
  • Adventure Boot Camp
  • Run/Walk For Life
  • Run/Walk For Life 5km+
  • Parkrun
 –  –  –
Timed and verified race events  –
  • 5–9km running event
  • 0.5–1km swimming event
  • 25–49km cycling event
  • 10–20km running event
  • 1.1–3km swimming event
  • 50–99km cycling event
  • 21–41km running event
  • 3.1–5.9km swimming event
  • 100–179km cycling event
  • 42km+ running event
  • 6km+ swimming event
  • 180km+ cycling event
Heart rate tracking
  • 30–89 min moderate
  • 30–89min vigorous
  • 90+min moderate
  • 90–149min vigorous
  • 150–209min vigorous
  • 210+min vigorous
Activity tracking
  • 10,000+ steps
  • 30+min speed workout
 –  –  –  –
Heart Rate categories – Moderate: 70–79%, Vigorous: 80+% (% of 220 minus your age)
Speed categories – Run: 5.5+km/h, Swim: 1.5+km/h, Cycle: 10+ km/h
Timed and verified race events are those where the race organiser or timing company sends race information to Vitality.

Discovery Vitality reducing activity goals

Why Discovery Vitality cut support for some fitness apps and trackers

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New Discovery Vitality rules kick in