Discovery Vitality price increases and benefits changes

Discovery has informed members that there will be several changes to its Vitality programme from 1 January 2017.

Chief among the changes is a membership fee increase from R199 to R219 per month, and a decrease in the points needed for Bronze and Silver status.

For a member and a dependant, the price goes from R239 to R265 per month, and for 2 or more dependants the fee will increase from R269 to R296 per month.

From next year, members will require fewer points to achieve Bronze or Silver status, as summarised in the table below.

Vitality Status Vitality points needed
Bronze status Old VP total New VP total
Single member 15,000 10,000
Main member + 1 30,000 20,000
Main member + 2 40,000 30,000
Silver status Old VP total New VP total
Single member 35,000 30,000
Main member + 1 70,000 60,000
Main member + 2 90,000 80,000
Gold status Old VP total New VP total
Single member 45,000 45,000
Main member + 1 90,000 90,000
Main member + 2 120,000 120,000
For each additional member aged 18 or older, add 10,000 (Bronze), 20,000 (Silver), and 30,000 (Gold)

Vitality points rewards changes

In addition to the price increase and decrease in the amount of Vitality points needed to reach Bronze and Silver status, Discovery also announced several additions to its rewards programme.

A new benefit called Shoe Booster will let you buy a pair of running shoes with your HealthyGear card, giving you up to 25% cash back.

You can then earn a further 75% cash back on the purchase if you meet all of your weekly goals in a month.

If you only meet 3 of your weekly goals, you get 25% cash back, if you meet 2 goals you get 10% cash back, and you’ll get no cash back reward for achieving just a single or no goal in a month.

An activation fee of R300 is applicable for the Shoe Booster benefit, which includes a Team Vitality running membership.

Discovery points to Miles

Another change Discovery highlighted was that from next year members would be able to earn Discovery Miles when they link a Discovery Card to a qualifying medical scheme plan.

Discovery said that through managing your health, earning Vitality points, and spending using your Discovery Card, members will be able to earn up to 50% of their points in Miles.

Rewards partner changes

Discovery said that there will be new active rewards partners, and that new cash back and Miles multiplier partners will be announced in early 2017.

Some of the new initiatives and partners, such as Weight Loss Rewards, will be active from early February.

The head of Vitality Wellness, Dr Craig Nossel, said that they decided to make changes to Vitality because they always look to update the benefits to continue to drive health behaviour change.

Asked whether there would be further changes to the Active Rewards system, Nossel said that nothing is planned at the moment.

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Discovery Vitality price increases and benefits changes