The awesome technology behind the new Time Square casino

Sun International plans to open its new Time Square casino in Menlyn Maine, Pretoria, on 1 April.

The group invited MyBroadband to see the casino before its launch, detailing the fascinating technology that runs the show.

Sun International answered several questions about the technology used in Time Square’s slot machines and tables, as detailed below.

TCS John Huxley Saturn 7 roulette wheel

Roulette tables will use the Saturn 7 wheel designed and manufactured by TCS John Huxley in the United Kingdom.

The wheel design for Sun International will not be sold to other casino operators in the regions where it operates.

The Saturn 7 wheel has three sensors along its top-inside edge, which measure the speed of the ball and detect where it lands.

While the ball is circling the wheel at speed, lights above the wheel turn green to show players and the croupier that bets are open.

As the ball loses speed, the lights turn red to indicate that betting is closed.

When the ball lands, the sensors are able to determine the winning number. This is sent to a screen which displays the result.

Networking slot machines

Slot machines are usually arranged into groups that can communicate with one another on casino floors.

However, Sun International has several games that are able to communicate between local groups on the floor to share a progressive jackpot – a jackpot that increases every time it doesn’t pay out.

In addition, games like Duma share a jackpot between casinos. When you place a bet without winning at the Carousel, for example, the jackpot will increase at Time Square.

This communication happens over a secured Ethernet network.

Pre-generated, gambling-board-certified odds

While slot machines use a random number generator to determine the result of your spin, they are also programmed to return a regulated profit percentage to the casino.

Sun International said that results are randomly drawn in a cycle that vary from machine to machine, with jackpot draws set to happen a certain number of times per cycle.

Whether the cycle is 32,000 spins, or 16 million spins, jackpots will come up roughly 3% of the time completely randomly.

The variables which control how much the machines pay out, and return to the casino, are set in erasable programmable read-only memory which is inspected by the South African gambling board and sealed before being installed in a machine.


How money is loaded, cleared, and counted

To use the casino at Time Square, you need a day card or one of Sun’s MVG cards.

You may load credit onto your card from machines designated for that purpose around the casino, or directly at the game you wish to play, using cash notes or a credit card.

The cash strongboxes of machines are cleared regularly, but should they become full in between scheduled collections, the machine generates an alert.

Casino security informs a floor manager about the alert, a spare strongbox is brought to the machine, and the locked strongbox is taken for counting in a secure area.

After this, vacuum tubes take the cash into a safe.

Sun Cards

Time Square Casino

Time Square construction

Time Square construction

Time Square construction

Time Square construction

Time Square artist impression

Time Square artist impression

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The awesome technology behind the new Time Square casino