Movie ticket price hikes in South Africa

Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro have increased movie ticket prices, with 3D movies at top-tier Ster-Kinekor cinemas going from R91 to R97.

Ster-Kinekor did not increase ticket prices at several of its cinema complexes, however, including Southgate, Parow, Maponya, Promenade, and the 2D prices at N1 City.

Nu Metro’s 3D prices went from R85 to R95, while it did not increase its 4DX ticket prices or the ticket prices at its Worcester complex.

Both cinema chains also had ticket prices cuts. Ster-Kinekor cut its 3D prices at N1 City, and Nu Metro reduced its prices for Scene VIP

“An annual price increase is normal for most companies operating within the entertainment and service industry sectors,” said Ster-Kinekor.

“The average ticket price increase is between 6% and 7%, which is in line with the country’s current inflation rate.”

Price differences

Ster-Kinekor has a differential pricing model to respond to the current competitive environment in which it operates.

Ticket prices vary across sites, which means the price increases at these sites vary too.

“Like any business, supply and demand plays a role in how Ster-Kinekor determines which titles are scheduled at which sites, and what the ticket prices are at these sites.”

“Additionally, overseas customers pay more for movie experiences compared to South Africa.”

Ster-Kinekor also highlighted that special benefits and discounts apply to members of its free loyalty programmes: SK Club, Discovery Vitality, and Edgars Club.

The loyalty programmes operate independently, and Ster-Kinekor said you can belong to all three if you wish.

It also offers discounts for pensioners, children, and for block bookings.

The changes to full ticket prices across Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro cinemas are summarised below.


Ster-Kinekor – Prices for adults
Cinema tier/location 2D/3D 2016 2017 Increase
Opera 2D R102 R110 7.8%
NT Live 2D R145 R156 7.6%
Cinema Prestige 2D/3D R130 R140 7.7%
IMAX IMAX 3D R120 R129 7.5%
Nouveau 2D R75 R80 6.7%
“Classic” 3D R91 R97 6.6%
2D R71 R76 7.0%
CapeGate, Blue Route, Bayside 3D R83 R89 7.2%
2D R67 R72 7.5%
Northgate, Musgrave, Eikestad, Centurion 3D R78 R83 6.4%
2D R64 R68 6.3%
“Junction” 3D R75 R80 6.7%
2D R57 R61 7.0%
N1 City 3D R75 R72 -4.0%
2D R48 R48 0.0%
Southgate 3D R72 R72 0.0%
2D R48 R48 0.0%
Parow, Maponya 3D R72 R72 0.0%
2D R41 R41 0.0%
Promenade 3D R62 R62 0.0%
2D R41 R41 0.0%
Carlton 3D R62 N/A N/A
2D R31 N/A N/A
Sterland 3D R40 R43 7.5%
2D R26 R28 7.7%

Nu Metro

Nu Metro – Prices for non-retired adults
Cinema 2D/3D 2016 2017 Increase
4DX 4DX R175 R175 0.0%
Scene VIP 3D R120 R115 -4.2%
2D R110 R100 -9.1%
Scene Xtreme 3D/2D R110 R120 9.1%
Standard Cinema 3D R85 R95 11.8%
2D R65 R75 15.4%
Worcester Cinemaplex 3D R58 R58 0.0%
2D R49 R49 0.0%

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Movie ticket price hikes in South Africa