How to buy the best Black Friday deals in the USA

The US is known for amazing Black Friday deals, with retailers slashing prices on tech and gadgets.

While South Africa has its own share of Black Friday deals, retailers like Amazon and other big stores boast a much larger selection of products and often have bigger discounts.

For these reasons, many South Africans may want to purchase goods from the US and ship them to South Africa come 24 November.

If you want to do your Black Friday shopping in the US, here’s how to get your purchases to South Africa.

Direct shipping

Certain international stores offer direct shipping to South Africa for a range of goods, and should provide an estimate of the import cost.

However, this can drastically affect the overall price of an item – especially if it is a product which is expensive to ship to South Africa.

Amazon offers shipping to South Africa on numerous items and lists the shipping cost to the country separately to the product’s standard price.

It is important to note that this shipping cost is an estimate of the import fees, duties, and taxes, and the final shipping cost could be higher than the amount stated.

The cost of shipping Amazon products to South Africa is high and is typically only a viable option for high-end products.

Mail forwarding

If the Black Friday deal you want is not available at a store which offers shipping to South Africa, you can make use of an import or mail-forwarding service like MyUS and NYBox.

These services accept delivery of your product in the United States and then ship it to you in South Africa.

This allows you to purchase from an online store in the US and then have the item delivered to you locally.

If you wish to purchase the item yourself, certain US stores may require you to use a virtual credit card to make the purchase.

Mail forwarding services may also offer discounted delivery rates and improved delivery time if you sign up for a premium service.

Taxes and duties

Taxes and import duties for bringing goods into SA are commonly handled by the courier service shipping your item, and you will have to pay them to have your goods released to you.

Certain products are classified as luxury goods and are more expensive to import, while certain product categories incur heavy custom duties.

Before your courier of choice clears your order through customs, you will also have to pay value added tax (VAT) on the items, as well as a disbursement fee.

If you import more than five communications devices, you will need permission from ICASA – and you are limited to three imports per year if you are not a registered importer.

Registering for an importer’s code will allow you to clear customs more effeciently and buy more products from the US.

An example of customs duties and ad valorem paid on imported products, with a focus on tech goods, is shown below.

The full list of import tariffs can be found on the SARS website.

Product Category
Customs Duty Ad Valorem
Perfume 20% 7%
Mobile Phones Free 7%
Headphones Free 7%
Monitors Free 7%
Solid-state storage devices Free Free
Digital cameras Free 7%
Electric guitars Free Free
Video game consoles Free 7%

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How to buy the best Black Friday deals in the USA