Michael Jordaan’s 6 new tech investments

When Michael Jordaan launched Montegray Capital in 2014, his aim was to invest in lean startups with disruptive technologies and business models.

Jordaan said his investment focus is on “business models enabled by technology that solve real problems, and which can add value in existing, well-performing industries”.

Over the past four years, Jordaan’s portfolio has grown to over 20 companies, which include Opennetworks, Snapplify, and quantitative investment management company NMRQL.

Jordaan told MyBroadband he has now come to the end of his personal financial capacity to finance deals.

“I now need to be patient and hope that some of the seedlings become very large trees, over time,” said Jordaan.

Two of Jordaan’s biggest investments are in mobile operator Rain and mobile-focused bank Bank Zero.

“Rain and Bank Zero are by their industry nature capital-intensive businesses, but if successful will bring significant benefits to consumers. I can’t wait for both to launch,” said Jordaan.

Jordaan’s latest tech investments

Jordaan has invested in six new tech businesses, which range from a company connecting township residents to a startup which offers software-as-a-service for churches.


Locumbase focuses on the gig economy for medical professionals by linking them to medical practices when needed.

The Locumbase site is a 10-times improvement on the current market practice of phoning around.



GoDoChurch is software-as-a-service for churches or charitable organisations and allows them to organise their business and communicate with their community.



Ikeja is connecting township residents with LTE data in partnership with Rain. This is where the digital dividend is most needed.



Sudonum creates disposable telephone numbers so that advertisers do not have to divulge their private numbers when using classifieds advertisement.

Businesses can also track responses to each advertisement using separate phone numbers.

Sudonum Logo


DCX is a digital currency exchange. Its first product is an index of the Top 10 cryptocurrencies to make it easy to get exposure beyond just Bitcoin.



VALR has not started operating yet, but Jordaan’s investment is a vote of faith in Farzam Ehsani, who is a leading crypto expert.


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Michael Jordaan’s 6 new tech investments