Movie ticket price hikes in South Africa

Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro have increased movie ticket prices.

A 3D movie at one of Ster-Kinekor’s top-tier cinemas went from R97 to R98, while Nu Metro’s prices went from R95 to R100.

Other than tickets for a Nu Metro 4DX movie, the prices at all other cinemas were adjusted.

Prices on 3D movies at Ster-Kinekor’s theatres in Parow and Maponya decreased by 6.9% to R67, but otherwise ticket prices increased across the board.

While Ster-Kinekor’s increases peaked at 10.7% for a 2D movie at Sterland, Nu Metro increased its prices by up to 40% in certain cases.

An interesting anomaly in Nu Metro’s price adjustments is that it appears Scene VIP prices are the same for 3D and 2D shows – except at Woodlands in Pretoria.

Woodlands Nu Metro did increase its prices, but by much less than other cinemas.

A 3D Scene VIP ticket at Woodlands is now R125 (up 8.7%), while a 2D Scene VIP ticket is R110 (up 10%).

Ster-Kinekor previously told MyBroadband that annual price increases are normal for most companies operating within the entertainment and service industry sectors.

Price hikes

South Africa’s inflation rate for 2017 was 5.3%, and most of the price increases at Ster-Kinekor’s cinemas are well below that.

It should also be noted that Nu Metro and Ster-Kinekor have loyalty and partner programmes that offer discounts on tickets.

The changes to full ticket prices across the cinemas are summarised below.


Ster-Kinekor tickets
Cinema tier/location 2D/3D 2017 price 2018 price Price increase
Opera 2D R110 R110 0.0%
NT Live 2D R156 R158 1.3%
Cinema Prestige 2D/3D R140 R142 1.4%
IMAX IMAX 3D R129 R131 1.6%
Nouveau 2D R80 R81 1.3%
“Classic” type 3D R97 R98 1.0%
2D R76 R77 1.3%
CapeGate, Blue Route, Bayside 3D R89 R95 6.7%
2D R72 R76 5.6%
Northgate, Musgrave, Eikestad, Centurion 3D R83 R84 1.2%
2D R68 R69 1.5%
“Junction” type 3D R80 R83 3.8%
2D R61 R66 8.2%
N1 City 3D R72 R73 1.4%
2D R48 R49 2.1%
Southgate 3D R72 R73 1.4%
2D R48 R49 2.1%
Parow, Newtown Junction, Maponya 3D R72 R67 -6.9%
2D R41 R45 9.8%
Promenade 3D R62 R67 8.1%
2D R41 R45 9.8%
Sterland 3D R43 R46 7.0%
2D R28 R31 10.7%

Nu Metro

Nu Metro tickets
Cinema tier/location 2D/3D 2017 price 2018 price Price increase
4DX 4DX R175 R175 0.0%
Scene VIP 3D R115 R140 21.7%
2D R100 R140 40.0%
Scene Xtreme 3D/2D R120 R130 8.3%
Standard Cinema 3D R95 R100 5.3%
2D R75 R80 6.7%
Worcester 3D R58 R68.50 18.1%
2D R49 R57.50 17.3%
Woodlands Scene VIP 3D R115 R125 8.7%
Scene VIP 2D R100 R110 10.0%

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Movie ticket price hikes in South Africa