Movie prices in South Africa – Ster-Kinekor vs Nu Metro

Nu Metro and Ster-Kinekor have implemented their annual price adjustments.

Ster-Kinekor’s increases reached as high as 9.8%, although the majority of its adjustments were below the 5.3% inflation rate for 2017.

Nu Metro hiked the prices of Scene VIP tickets for 3D and 2D shows by 22% and 40% at most cinema complexes – with the price of 2D and 3D shows now the same.

Woodlands cinema was the exception, where 3D Scene VIP tickets increased by 8.7% and 2D tickets increased by 10%.

To see how the companies’ prices now compare against one another, we have summaries their movie ticket fees below.

Price comparison

The table below compares Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro’s ticket prices.

Ster-Kinekor’s cheapest cinema complex is in Sterland, while Nu Metro’s is in Worcester.

Ticket prices 2D 3D
Ster-Kinekor Nu Metro Ster-Kinekor Nu Metro
IMAX/Scene Xtreme/ R131 R130 R131 R130
Lounge R142 R140 R142 R140
Standard R77 R80 R98 R100
Mid-tier R66 R83
Cheapest R31 R58 R46 R69


Nu Metro and Ster-Kinekor both run programmes that offer ticket discounts – as detailed in the table below.

Discount programmes
Ster-Kinekor 2D 3D Prestige/VIP (2D) Prestige/VIP (3D) IMAX/Xtreme
Tuesday Club 50% off 50% off 50% off 50% off 50% off
Edgars R27-R45 R29-R61 R90 R90 R87
Discovery Vitality R15.50-R38 R23-R49 R106.50 R106.50 R98.25
Pick ‘n Pay Smart Shopper R30 (3,000 points)
Standard Bank Buy 4 tickets with gold credit card (or higher) and pay for 3
Nu Metro 2D 3D Prestige/VIP (2D) Prestige/VIP (3D) IMAX/Xtreme
Wowza Wednesday R55 R65
Clicks ClubCard R55 R75 R80 R95
Momentum Multiply R30-R34 R47-R55 R66-R70 R77-R81 R77-R81
Sanlam Reality R25 R45
Absa Rewards R43 R54

The following must be noted with regards to the discount values above:

  • Momentum Multiply – Dependant on your status in the programme.
  • Clicks ClubCard – Valid for 2 tickets per day, Monday to Friday, and excludes Scene Xtreme, 4DX, and certain VIP cinemas.
  • Sanlam Reality – Buy a medium popcorn and drink for R30 with every discounted ticket. Excludes Scene Xtreme, VIP, and 4DX.
  • SK Club – 50% off one movie ticket, for Tuesdays, including 3D movies, Cine Prestige, IMAX, and movies in their first week of release.
  • Edgars Club – Buy two tickets for the price of one.
  • Absa – Exchange Rewards cash for up to 12 standard 2D or 3D Nu Metro tickets per year. Nu Metro Worcester, Scene Xtreme, Scene VIP, and 4DX are excluded.

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Movie prices in South Africa – Ster-Kinekor vs Nu Metro