MyBroadband to change its article comments section

MyBroadband is South Africa’s largest IT publication, with over 2 million monthly readers and 8 million pageviews.

It is also one of the only large online publishers in South Africa which continues to support article comments – as they add value to readers who visit our site.

Our readers currently share their views and feedback below articles using Disqus and in the Broadband and IT News forum section.

All users’ comments are currently displayed without any moderation, apart from some automated “swear word” and spam filters which flag content.

This limits the moderation load, but it also allows trolls – who add no value to readers – to say what they please.

Comment policy changes

To improve the signal-to-noise ratio of article comments, MyBroadband is making changes to the way it handles Disqus comments.

  • All comments will go into a moderation queue and valuable comments will be approved and published.
  • Users who regularly make insightful comments will become “Trusted”, and their comments will always display immediately. They will bypass the moderation queue.

MyBroadband editor Kevin Lancaster said MyBroadband has an excellent community with many knowledgeable readers, many of whom are IT experts or high-level executives.

“We want to allow these valuable readers to comment on our articles, as their insight helps to make MyBroadband the destination of choice for ICT professionals. To continue doing this, we need to make sure troll commentators, whose only purpose is to disrupt and who do not contribute anything of value, are kept out of the comment section,” he said.

“These article comment changes will serve to increase the visibility of insightful and valuable comments.”

Comments in the Broadband and IT News forum section, which are moderated by community members, will not be affected by this change.

The new comment policy will be implemented this weekend.

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MyBroadband to change its article comments section