What we need to do to reach 5G – Huawei

Huawei Carrier Business principal consultant Nigel Bruin has explained the various obstacles and business cases along the road to 5G.

Speaking at the 2019 MyBroadband Conference, Bruin said that 5G could be deployed today but it would take some time to realise all of its business cases.

“We can do high-bandwidth connectivity right now; we have the full network capability to deploy that today,” Bruin said.

“But 5G was engineered to deliver this next industrial revolution, and we are going to develop and deploy those solutions over the next five years.”

He added that 5G is not just the next 4G, but it is instead designed to create the digital future that everyone has been talking about.

Business cases would also be limited by the advancement of technology in devices which could make use of 5G networks.

“Affordable 5G device will not be ready until 2023,” he said. “It is going to take a few years before the price starts coming down, and we are going to need more base sites.”

To the Moon

Bruin said that despite these obstacles, 5G ould be deployed right now and it could be profitable.

“People have said that 5G is immature. I would say you can make it profitable right now, but ‘how is 5G better than 4G?” is the better question to ask,” Bruin said.

The answer to this is a number of use cases like fixed-wireless access, which Bruin said would be among the most successful initial use cases for the technology.

He did note, however, that networks need to work with government in terms of spectrum and regulation before deciding to deploy 5G solutions.

“You need a coordinated plan between governments and networks,” Bruin said. “It’s like going to the Moon – you just decide one day to go.”

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What we need to do to reach 5G – Huawei