Checkers 1-hour free delivery app tested

Checkers recently launched a one-hour grocery delivery service named Sixty60, which is available in certain locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Sixty60 allows you to order groceries from your nearest Checkers store and have them delivered in 60 minutes without any additional charge.

The app is currently in a trial period and is only available in the locations below:


  • Bryanston
  • Melrose

Cape Town

  • Durbanville
  • Willowbridge
  • Okavango Crossing
  • Rondebosch
  • Kloof Street
  • Sea Point

I live within one of the supported delivery locations for the Sixty60 trial programme, and although I tend to order pizza more often than groceries, I decided to test out the service.

I downloaded the Sixty60 app from the Google Play Store and in a few minutes, I had created an account linked to my credit card.

I was now ready to order.

Ordering on Sixty60

The interface of the Sixty60 app is modern and user-friendly, offering product categories such as “Household”, “Food Cupboard”, and “Frozen” for easier navigation.

The app’s home screen also presents large tiles that group products by various charming themes, including “Lunch on the Go”, “Braai Now”, “Party Time”, and “Hangover Cure”.

While these themed categories seemed quite useful, I already had a grocery list at hand, so I spent most of my time searching for products and adding them to my basket one at a time.

This worked very well, although I did find out that the app does not save the contents of your shopping cart upon exiting.

An overeager swipe on some particularly exciting pasta caused me to accidentally close the app, and I was forced to go through the entire process again.

After navigating with greater care the second time around, I headed to the checkout screen with a full shopping cart.

Checkers Sixty60 shopping

Paying and replacement

When ordering through Sixty60, Checkers pre-authorises an amount 15% higher than your order to cater for possible replacements.

This amount is reversed off your bank statement after your order has been delivered, which means you will only pay for what you receive.

I tapped “OK” on the pre-authorisation notification and watched as the app displayed the progress of my order in real-time.

Sixty60’s order tracker updated whenever a product was picked out on from the store’s shelves and added to my order. This was cool to see, but it was the replacement functionality I was most impressed with.

Upon paying for my order, the app asked me to select one of three options if a product I had ordered was out of stock: leave out the item, contact me, or select a replacement item on my behalf.

I chose the latter, interested to see how this would work.

It turns out that the bottle of Sauvignon Blanc I had ordered was out of stock, but it was automatically replaced with a different brand listed at exactly the same price.

Checkers Sixty60 paying

Delivered to door

You can track your Sixty60 order through a dedicated screen, and there is also a live map showing the driver’s progress to your door.

In this regard, the service works just as well as other food delivery apps like Mr D Food and Uber Eats.

The Sixty60 driver followed my instructions to the letter and delivered my giant brown bag of groceries exactly 45 minutes after I had placed my order.

All the items I had ordered were delivered correctly – including the replacement bottle of wine which Checkers had automatically picked out for me.

Sixty60 provides a great experience, offering free delivery on groceries which are priced identically to those in the physical store.

Groceries are delivered in well under the 60 minutes promised, and the automatic replacement function means you can simply leave the order to be processed without worrying about something on your shopping list being unavailable.

If you stay in an area covered by the Sixty60 pilot programme, I would highly recommend trying out the grocery delivery app – it beats driving to the store yourself, and it can be just as quick.

Sixty60 bag header

Checkers Sixty60 Groceries

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Checkers 1-hour free delivery app tested