The 4 tech stocks you should have bought in 2019

2019 was a great year for the US stock market, with many indexes rising above 30% for the year.

The technology sector did particularly well, and many companies saw their share prices soar.

The ride was not always an easy one, however, and stocks like Roku gave many investors sleepless nights.

Roku was up 355% for the year – but experienced drops of 10% or more on six occasions.

According to CNBC, there are also concerns Roku will “suffer from pricing pressure as more big companies jump into the business”.

Stocks for 2019

More established tech companies also performed well in 2019.

Four well-known companies to techies which experienced strong share price growth were: Apple, AMD, Nvidia, and Microsoft.

Apple’s new hardware and streaming service were all hyped up during the year, and contributed to a strong showing in the markets.

Microsoft’s cloud business continued to grow, while AMD fans are eagerly awaiting its latest GPUs and CPUs.

In the case of Nvidia, the growth in data centres saw its solutions in demand.

The graphs below show how much these shares have grown over the past year. Pricing was taken after the markets closed on 30 December 2019.

AMD – Up 150%

  • $18 to $45

Share price

Apple – Up 85%

  • $157 to $291

Share price

Microsoft – Up 55%

  • $101 to $157

Share price

Nvidia – Up 74%

  • $133 to $232

Share price

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The 4 tech stocks you should have bought in 2019